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1There has been a lot of significant changes in my hometown in recent years. On the one hand, industry gave its way to tourism. There used to be many factories that produce coal in the mountains nearby my hometown. But over years, local government has made an effort in controlling the environment pollution. As a result, the leading economy has become tourism instead of industry. Downtown areas saw the change of many citizens taking new jobs as tour guides or running souvenir stores. On the other hand, there are more schools and universities in my hometown compared to the situation several years ago. Nowadays more and more people have the chance to attend schools or to further their studies in high-level educational institutions. In general, my hometown has developed to a great extent in these years. 我的家乡近几年来经历了很多重大变化.一方面,工业转型为了旅游业.过去在我家乡附近的山中,曾经有很多产煤的工厂.但是经过这几年,当地政府努力控制环境污染.所以,引领经济已经变成了旅游业,而不再是工业.镇中心目睹了城镇居民的工作转变,许多人当上了导游,或者开了纪念品商店.另一方面,与过去相比,我家乡现在有了更多的学校和大学.越来越多的人有上学的机会,他们也可以进入高等学府进一步深造.总的来说,我的家乡这几年发展很大.2我家在周至县,近几年发生了很大的变化.就拿我家来说吧.  以前,我们家没有电脑.爸爸是个工程师.以前,爸爸画图都要用手画,画的时候要用尺子,画错了不得用橡皮擦,不小心会把绘图纸擦烂,画图慢,还得不停地削铅笔.画出的线条不优美.画一张图纸要用一两天时间.还要描图、晒图最后才能形成工程图纸.总共需要三天.现在,我家买了电脑.他可以用电脑画图了,不用描图;只要用一小小的鼠标点来点去,就可以代替人工所做的一切.一张工程图画好只要一下的时间.画完了直接一打印,又清晰又美观.  有了电脑.我总在电脑上帮妈妈打文章.我自己还用文件夹,存了动画片、日记、作文等.我还用它看文学名著.我还用它学英语、装软件,打游戏……妈妈就用它制卷子、打词语.电脑给我家带来了许多方便.  今年夏天,我们家还添了电冰箱.以前,夏天的东西经常会坏,坏了就扔了,多可惜.现在电冰箱可以冷藏食品,食品放在冰箱里不会坏.它可以给我制作冰块.我补课回来,我就冷冻一个冰块让我解渴.冰箱给我家带来了方便.  去年,我们家还买了空调.以前,在冬天没有空调,起床穿衣服,我总藏在被窝里.现在有了空调,起来穿衣服就不会感冒了.在夏天没有空调时,能把人热得发闷,不想活动.现在,在夏天有了空调,无论在什么时候,只要一开空调,调成冷风,会觉的非常凉爽,像置身于凉爽的森林一样.  最近,我们县上出现了互联网,大部分家里人的电脑都上了Inter网.以前,没有互联网,想投稿或有事只要发一个E-mail,就可以把作文投上去,把信寄了出去.互联网也给我们带来了方便.  啊!我们家乡变化真大呀!  My home in Zhouzhi County, in recent years has undergone a drastic change. Take my family for instance. Previously, we do not have a computer at home. Dad was the engineer. Before Dad hands painting drawing, painting with the rulers, not used correctly attached. Black will be careful not to rub the drawing, painting slowly, and had to keep cutting pencil. The lines do not paint beautiful. Spend one or two days drawings drawings. Also drawings, and printing of plans to eventually create engineering drawings. A total needs three days. Now, I bought a home computer. He can use a computer drawing, no trace; Just one little click of the mouse to point, Instead of doing everything we can. A picture works better if some time. An unfinished print of a direct, clear and beautiful. With computer. I have an article on a computer to help their mother. I also used folders, saved a cartoon, diaries, essays and other. I also use it as literature. I also use it to learn English, the software installed, use it to fight game : : Mama system testing, fighting words. I brought a lot of convenience to the home computer. This summer, Tim, we also have a refrigerator. Before, during the summer, often a bad thing, a bad throw on the more unfortunate. Now refrigerators can be frozen foods, no bad foods freezer. I can give it to produce ice. I makeup back, I let my thirst ice on a frozen. DIABLO convenience of a refrigerator to me. Last year, we also have to buy an air conditioner. Previously, in the winter without air conditioning, get up clothes, I always behind the blanket. Now, with air-conditioning, and the cold would not dressed up. No air-conditioning in the summer, heat can help people attain the doldrums, not activities. Now, with air conditioning in the summer, no matter what time, as long as a use of air conditioners, and water wind, he feels very cool. in a cool place like the same forest. Recently, our county appeared to the Internet, most of the computers on the home network Inter. Previously, no Internet, or something happens you just want to submit an email composition can vote on upswing the letter sent out. We have to bring the convenience of the Internet. ! there are really big changes in home!不是真实的噢噢噢噢哦